BOOO 鴨咀防漏學飲杯-有柄

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西班牙SUAVINEX Booo 鴨咀防漏學飲杯-有柄,產品設計用於從瓶子到杯子的過渡。其人體工程學設計使小手可以舒適地握住和使用。


合適年齡: 6個月以上
容量: 200ml

Learning Cup Booo from Suavinex is perfect to teach your kid how to drink independently. We know it is an important step in the development of children to learn to drink without your help. With this cup learner, your child will improve their skills, because it allows the cup to drink without spilling liquid from any part of the upper edge through the valve. Leak-proof lid prevents spillage of liquid in the cup capsize and flows only in contact with children’s lips. The handles is suitable for small children’s hands, enabling easy grip.

Features: ·         

  • Cup with handles and non-spill spout. ·         
  • Rigid spout: cannot be dented by teething. ·         
  • Hinged lid: more hygienic. ·         
  • Removable handles: encourages independence ·         
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic shape designed for little hands. ·        
  •  0% Bisphenol