ACTIVE PLAY 跳床 (烏龜/ 獨角獸) (12m+)

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GALT 烏龜/ 獨角獸跳床可以培養幼兒的自信心,訓練協調和平衡能力,適合室內和室外使用,帶有管狀鋼架、軟墊蓋、易握手柄和橡膠腳,手柄和腿可拆卸,便於存放。

組裝尺寸:從地板到把手高 60 厘米,框架直徑 70 厘米
可承重最大20 公斤
適合1至 3 歲的兒童

A fun tortoise/ unicorn trampoline to develop a young child's confidence as well as encouraging coordination and balance. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with tubular steel frame, padded cover, easy grip handle and rubber feet. The handle and legs detach for ease of storage. Assembled dimensions: 60cm from floor to handle, 70cm diameter frame. Max weight 20kg Suitable for 12 months to 3 years