WATER MAGIC 神奇水畫筆 (3y+)

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GALT WATER MAGIC 神奇水畫筆 揭示隱藏的圖片,尋找隱藏的東西!使用神奇水畫筆顯示圖片後,可以在圖片中找到動物和東西,彩色圖片會出現,然後會一次又一次地消失,適合3歲以上的兒童。

Reveal the hidden picture and find what's hiding! Once the image has been revealed using the water pen, there are animals and objects to be found within the pictures. The coloured pictures will appear and later disappear time and time again. Suitable for 3+ years



尋找系列 - 宇宙 (1005293)