FIRST YEARS 布圖書連牙膠 (恐龍/ 農場) (0m+)

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GALT FIRST YEARS 布圖書連牙膠是一本五顏六色的布圖書,而且會帶有吱吱作響的恐龍頭/牛頭及帶紋理的牙膠,內附每一頁都有一項功能或活動可供寶寶探索,其中包含了寶寶覺得非常有吸引力的皺紋材料,布圖書是柔軟,安全且可機洗,適合初生至12 個月的嬰兒遊玩。

A colourful book with a squeaky Dinosaur head and textured teether. There is a feature or activity to explore on each of the 8 pages which are filled with crinkle material that babies find so appealing. Soft, safe and machine washable Suitable for 0 months to 12 months.