ACTIVE PLAY 跳躍遊戲 (4y+)

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GALT ACTIVE PLAY 跳躍遊戲適合2 至 4 名玩家的 3 合 1 遊戲,發展孩子運動技能及協調性,任何地板都可以變成巨型棋盤遊戲,將彩色圓盤放在地板上並使用轉盤來決定下一步,爭取成為第一個跨過墊腳石的人,成為最後一個人在消失的圓盤上,並首先在賽道上完成比賽。

圓盤尺寸:直徑17 厘米
套裝包含:16 個雙面圓盤、轉盤和遊戲指南。

3 in 1 active play game for 2 to 4 players develops movement skills and coordination. Lay out the coloured discs on the floor to create the game board and use the spinner to decide each move. Race to be the first person across the stepping stones, be the last person on the disappearing discs and be first to finish on the racetrack.

Disc size: 17cm diameter.
Contents: 16 double sided foam discs, spinner board and play guide