TOYS 鬧鐘 (10M-5Y)

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• 轉動圓形手柄,鬧鐘指針隨著悅耳的咔噠聲和鈴聲開始轉動
• 鬧鐘正面是一張大大的笑臉,眼睛會也會轉來轉去,吸引寶寶
• 等寶寶再長大一些,可以使用鬧鐘幫助孩子學會讀取鐘錶時間,提高孩子的精細運動技 能 ﹑ 理解因果關係
• 獲到 Good Toy Guide 推薦
• 高度:13.5 厘米( 5½ 英寸)
• 適合9 個月至 12 個月及以後的幼兒

• Turn the round handles and the clock hands move with a pleasing clicking sound and chiming bell.
• Attract babies as the eyes on the big friendly face roll around and around with glee.
• As your little one grows, use the smiley clock to help your child learn the time as well as improving their fine motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.
• Recommended by the Good Toy Guide.
• Height: 13.5cm (5½").
• Suitable for 9 months to 12 months and onwards