CONSTRUCTION 超級八角型模型遊戲 (4y+)

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GALT CONSTRUCTION 超級八角型模型遊戲 Classic Octons 採用原始的半透明顏色,有 4 種八角形,包含四個連接件,孩子們可以搭建更高級的模型並發展他們的創造技能,可以按照插圖指南或使用這款多功能構造套件設計新結構。

6 種半透明顏色的 168 件各式各樣的模塊,包括 48 個 Octons 及 4種不同形狀的 120 個八角形,也包含說明指南。

The Classic Octons in their original translucent colours with 4 Octangle shapes. The four connecting pieces allow for more design opportunities. Children can build more advanced models and develop their creative skills. Follow the illustrated guide or design new structures with this versatile construction set. Contents: 168 assorted pieces in 6 translucent colours including 48 Octons , 120 Octangles in 4 different shapes and step by step guide.