TOYS 四色彈出小人 (18M+)

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• 和四個歡快的彩色小人來一場好玩的躲貓貓遊戲
• 用錘子敲擊一個按鈕,就會彈出顏色匹配的小人
• 有助於開發寶寶的手眼協調能力 ﹑ 手部靈活性和顏色辦別能力。
• 適合18 個月至 3 歲的幼兒

• Play a fun game of peep-o with the four jolly Pop up Pals.
• Tap a button with the hammer for a smiley surprise as the matching coloured pal appears
• Helps develop hand eye coordination, manual dexterity and colour recognition.
• Suitable for 18 months to 3 years