PUZZLES 四合一交通工具拼圖 (3y+)

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GALT PUZZLES 四合一交通工具拼圖包括4個以彩色運輸車輛為特色的首批拼圖。當拼圖拼在一起時,孩子們正在發展匹配和分類技能,以及解決問題的技能和動手能力。該套裝非常適合幼兒,包括 4、6、8 和 12 塊拼圖。 拼圖的近似尺寸:6" x 8"。 所有 Galt 產品均符合美國、加拿大、英國和歐洲的安全標準。 Galt 玩具旨在滿足兒童發展的每個階段,並鼓勵通過遊戲進行學習。 Galt 於 1836 年開始銷售教科書,現在是兒童優質發展和創意產品的品牌領導者。

From the Manufacturer Galt 4 Puzzles in a Box - Farm includes 4 first puzzles featuring colorful transportation vehicles. When fitting puzzles together, children are developing matching and sorting skills, as well as problem- solving skills and manual dexterity. Plus: it's lots of fun. Perfect for young children, the set includes puzzles with 4, 6, 8 and 12 pieces. Approximate size of puzzle: 6" x 8". All Galt products meet the American, Canadian, British and European safety standards. Galt toys are designed to meet each stage of a child's development and encourage learning through play. Galt began as a schoolbook seller in 1836 and is now a brand leader in quality developmental and creative products for children.