FIRST YEARS 森林朋友保齡球 (1y+)

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GALT JUNGLE PALS SKITTLES 森林朋友保齡球有趣保齡球遊戲,每個保齡球瓶都包含手搖鈴,而球也有一個鈴鐺,柔軟、安全、可機洗,包裝在帶提手的PVC 袋中,方便攜帶,適合12 個月至 18 個月及以後的幼兒。

A fun bowling game for young children. The skittles each contain a rattle and the ball has a jingle bell. Soft, safe and machine washable. Packed in a PVC bag with carry handle. Suitable for 12 months to 18 months and onwards.