HAPPY DINO 迷你恐龍音樂吊飾

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Happy Dino 系列的可愛迷你音樂盒 Dino 是嬰兒從出生開始的好伴侶,通過溫柔的搖籃曲“Sleep my little prince (Mozart's lullaby)”安撫、鎮定並傳達安全感。憑藉其完美的尺寸和漂亮的顏色,小 Dino Diego 非常適合每個孩子的房間,並且由於配有緊固帶,它非常適合在家中和旅途中使用。擁抱、夢想和愛:睡覺的伙伴一定會很快成為寶寶的第一個兒時朋友。

The cute mini music box Dino from the Happy Dino collection is a great companion for babies from birth and comforts, calms and conveys a sense of security with the gentle lullaby "Sleep my little prince (Mozart's lullaby)". With its perfect size and great colors, the little Dino Diego fits perfectly into every child's room and thanks to the fastening straps it is ideal for at home and on the go. Cuddling, dreaming & loving: The sleeping companion is sure to quickly become baby's first childhood friend.

  • 帶有集成和可拆卸的發條裝置
  • 旋律:睡吧我的小王子(莫扎特搖籃曲)
  • 播放時間約。 1.5 - 2 分鐘
  • 非常適合作為出生、洗禮或嬰兒和幼兒的生日禮物
  • 通過獨立測試機構的安全測試


  • with integrated and removable wind-up mechanism
  • Melody: Sleep my little prince (Mozart's lullaby)
  • Playing time approx. 1.5 - 2 minutes
  • ideal as a gift for birth, christening or as a birthday present for babies and small children
  • Tested for safety by independent test institutes

  • 清洗前取出音樂盒
  • 只有成年人才能操作拉鍊
  • 鞋面:燈芯絨、平紋細布
  • 填充物:100% 滌綸
  • 尺寸:16cm
  • 最高可在 30 度水溫下清洗

  • Remove the music box before washing
  • Only adults can operate the zipper
  • Upper: corduroy, muslin
  • Padding: 100% Polyester
  • Size: 16cm
  • washable up to 30 degrees