NATUR 有機棉搖鈴手帶

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帶有撥浪鼓的活動手環,採用有機種植的棉花製成,用於抓握、搖晃和發出聲音,是非常適合 0 個月以上嬰幼兒的益智玩具

  • 易於佩戴,支持天生的好奇心,鼓勵搖晃和玩耍:撥浪鼓手鍊是嬰兒從出生起的忠實伴侶
  • 腕帶撥浪鼓採用柔軟可愛的外部材料,包括平紋針織物、毛圈布、絲絨、平紋細布和有機棉填充物,邀請你抓握和感受
  • 小探險家很快就能理解撥浪鼓手鏈,並且由於其方便的尺寸,根本不想將其取下 - 無論是在家裡、在旅途中、在嬰兒汽車座椅上還是在嬰兒車中
  • 綿羊/小熊/小兔手鍊可以俏皮地促進寶寶的聽覺、抓握和觸覺以及精細運動技能,因此是出生、洗禮或生日的理想禮物
  • 尺寸:17厘米
  • 年齡:0+月


Activity bracelet with rattle and organic cotton for grasping, shaking & making sounds - educational toy for babies and toddlers from 0+ months

  • Easy to attach, supports natural curiosity and encourages shaking and playing: The sheep rattle bracelet is a loyal companion for babies from birth onwards
  • The wristband rattle invites to grasp & feel with its cuddly soft outer materials jersey, terry, velours, muslin and the filling made of organic cotton
  • Little explorers quickly understand the rattle bracelet and, thanks to its handy size, simply don't want to take it off - whether at home, on the go, in the baby car seat or in the pram
  • The sheep bracelet playfully promotes the baby's sense of hearing, grasping and touching as well as fine motor skills and is therefore ideal as a gift for birth, christening or birthday
  • Size: 17 cm
  • Age: 0+ month