NATUR 有機棉棒型手搖鈴

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  • 小綿羊作為抓握玩具是忠實的伴侶:嬰兒撥浪鼓非常適合抓握和擁抱,並且始終陪伴您的寶寶,無論是在嬰兒床、嬰兒汽車座椅還是嬰兒車中
  • 寓教於樂:觸手可及的柔軟布質抓握玩具,帶撥浪鼓,喚醒寶寶的探索精神,促進觸覺和聽覺,以及寶寶的運動技能
  • 小探險家很快就會明白如何製作彩色桿撥浪環 - 非常適合作為男孩和女孩的生日禮物
  • 外層材質採用毛圈布、平紋針織布、平紋細布、絲絨和有機棉填充物,讓人擁抱、鼓勵感受和玩耍
  • 尺寸:16厘米
  • 年齡:0+月

Motoric toy with rattle and organic cotton - promotes learning through play - loyal companion for babies and toddlers aged 0+ months

  • The little sheep as a gripping toy is a loyal companion: The baby rattle is ideal for grasping & cuddling and is always with your baby, whether in the cot, in the baby car seat or in the pram
  • Playful learning: The cuddly soft fabric grasping toy with rattle awakens baby's spirit of discovery, promotes the sense of touch and hearing, as well as baby's motor skills
  • Little explorers will quickly understand what to do to make the colourful rod rattle ring - ideal as a birth gift for boys and girls
  • The outer materials terry, jersey, muslin, velours and the organic cotton filling invite to cuddle and encourage to feel and play
  • Size: 16 cm
  • Age: 0+ month