NATUR 有機棉玩巾

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  • 適合 0 個月以上的嬰兒和幼兒
  • 可愛柔軟的綿羊/小熊/野兔帶給嬰兒微笑:作為擁抱布,它提供舒適、溫暖和安全感,很快就會成為最好的朋友
  • 可愛的被子是入睡時的真正幫手——可愛的小動物會依偎在疲憊的冒險家的心裡,成為無論在家還是在旅途中忠實的伴侶
  • 有了這個玩伴,寶寶可以在遊戲中學習新事物:柔軟的材料、頭部和大量的抓握元素鼓勵第一次觸摸和抓握練習,同時小動物讓寶寶的眼睛閃閃發光
  • 外層材料採用毛圈布、平紋細布、平紋針織物、絲絨,填充物採用有機種植棉花製成,適合擁抱、感受和玩耍


Playmate & stuffed animal cuddle cloth with cotton from controlled organic cultivation with soother attachment - for babies & toddlers from 0+ months

  • The cuddly soft fabric sheep brings a smile to babies' faces: as a cuddle cloth, it provides comfort, warmth and security and quickly becomes a best friend
  • The cute comforter is a real help when falling asleep - the yellow cuddly sheep cuddles its way into the heart of tired adventurers and becomes a loyal companion whether at home or on trips
  • With this playmate, babies can learn new things in a playful way: the soft materials, the head and a lot of grasping elements encourage the first touching and grasping exercises, and at the same time the sheep makes the baby's eyes sparkle
  • The outer materials terry, muslin, jersey, velours and the filling made of organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation invite to cuddle, feel & play
  • Size: 35 cm
  • Age: 0+ month