BUDDY 多功能大抱枕

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比利時 Doomoo Buddy 多功能抱枕(大)適合嬰兒及父母使用。 柔韌和柔軟的材質能讓身體完全放鬆,無論孕婦在懷孕期間或當產後餵養嬰兒時都能享受無與倫比的舒適感。 

Belgium Doomoo Buddy is a large multiuse cushion for both babys and parents. The body is able to let go and to relax completely due to its flexibility and softness. The mother can feel comfortable during pregnancy as well as during breast or bottle feeding. The baby will be wonderfully comfortable in different positions.




  • 適合嬰兒及父母使用 
    Suitable for both baby and parents
  • 柔韌和柔軟的材質
    Flexible and soft
  • 大型多用途墊
    A large multi-use cushion
  • 適合孕婦在懷孕期間或產後餵養嬰兒時使用
    Suitable during pregnancy as well as during breast or bottle feeding

灰/狐狸 (GREY/FOX) (B03)


One pillow, all the needs

Imagine one pillow fulfilling all your dreams! doomoo Buddy is a multi-functional pillow, with an outstanding softness and flexibility, supporting you during your sleep and your baby during feeding, resting and playing.

Cover: 95% organic cotton & 5% elastane
Inside cover: 92% polyester & 8% elastane
Filling: Microballs of expanded polystyrene
Dimension: 180 cm