TOYS 開鎖機關盒

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• 開鎖機關盒配有鎖匙鎖和兩套分類積木,非常適合寶寶的小手抓握
• 好玩的形狀及顏色配對讓寶寶可以玩上幾個小時
• 這款堅固的可上鎖盒子配有兩組 3D 分類塊,可用於數小時的形狀和顏色匹配活動。
• 獲到 Good Toy Guide 推薦
• 高度:13 厘米
• 適合12 個月至 18 個月的幼兒

• Lock a Block has its durable lockable box and two sets of chunky sorting blocks that are perfect for little hands
• Encourages independent play and the development of essential shape and colour matching skills for hours of engaging fun.
• Recommended by the Good Toy Guide.
• Cover: Soft, safe and machine washable
• Height 13cm
• Suitable for 12 months to 18 months