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ClevaMama 嬰兒浴墊幫助防止幼兒和幼兒在洗澡時滑倒。超長緩衝防滑浴墊配有吸盤,可牢固地粘在大多數家庭浴缸的整個長度上,非常適合一次為多個孩子洗澡,讓洗澡時的玩耍時間變得有趣。護膝則是父母的超級舒適護枕頭。

ClevaMama 嬰兒浴墊輕巧且快乾。超長超柔軟(91 x 43 厘米),護膝墊(19 x 43 厘米),讓媽媽或爸爸更加舒適。 ClevaMama 嬰兒浴墊輕巧且快乾。

ClevaMama Baby Bath Mat is designed to help prevent toddlers and young children from slipping during bath time. The extra-long cushioned non slip bath mats has suction pads which stick firmly to the full length of most household baths and is perfect for bathing more than one child at a time, making playtime at bath time, fun time.

The Kneeling Cushion is a super comfy pillow for parents knees and It's where we thought about your comfort too.

Extra-long & super soft (91 x 43 cm) with kneeling cushion (19 x 43 cm) for mum or dad for extra comfort. The ClevaMama Baby Bath Mat is lightweight and quick drying.



Anti-Slip Mat

- 特大嬰兒浴缸墊覆蓋整個浴缸,額外的長度可確保覆蓋整個浴缸底部,為喜歡“洗澡時玩耍”的搖擺不定的幼兒提供額外的安全保障
- 吸盤可將墊子牢牢固定在浴缸的光滑表面上,可同時給兩個孩子安全地洗澡
- 柔軟觸感和快乾墊細膩貼合寶寶的皮膚

- The x-large baby bathtub mat cover the full length of your bath. The extra length ensures that the complete base of your bath is covered, giving extra security for the wiggly toddler who likes "playtime at bath time".
- The suction pads to hold the mat firmly on the smooth surface of your bath. It's safe for bathing two children at the same time.
- Soft touch and quick dry mat delicate with the skin of your baby


Kneeling Cushion


Protects mum's and dad's knees while baby has fun making bath time easier for you too!



 防滑墊:91 (W) x43 (L) cm
19 (W) x43 (L) cm

Anti-Slip Mat:91 (W) x43 (L) cm
Kneeling Cushion:19 (W) x43 (L) cm


Machine Washable


Easy to keep always clean and hygienic