SPINEL 360 汽車座椅 (0-36KG)

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Spinel 360 汽車座椅採用獨特的創新技術,讓嬰兒座椅完全360° 度輕鬆旋轉。可順暢地轉動到任何位置,讓孩子每天輕鬆出行。擁有Spinel 360 能確保從初生到12 歲或大約36 公斤的孩子得到最安全的保護



Spinel 360 汽車座椅採用獨特的創新技術,讓嬰兒座椅完全360° 度輕鬆旋轉。可順暢地轉動到任何位置,讓孩子每天輕鬆出行。Spinel 360 能確保從初生到12 歲或大約36 公斤的孩子得到最安全的保護。

適合年齡:  初生-12歲 (至36公斤)
  • 360度底座轉動
  • 歐盟安全標準ECE R44認證
  • 可調節頭枕
  • Isofix 安裝及支撐腳架
  • 初生保護軟墊(可折洗)
  • 四段斜度調較
尺寸: 產品外形尺寸(高x 寬x 深)45x67x63厘米


The Spinel 360 baby seat features unique technology, so parents don't have
to worry about buying multiple seats to keep up with their child's growth.
That's because only she is needed to ensure protection from birth to 12
years or approximately 36 kg of the child.

Thanks to the innovative technology that Maxi-Cosi used in the Spinel 360
baby seat, which allows a complete rotation in 360°. The swivel baby seat
turns smoothly into any position, making it easy to get your child in and out
of the car seat daily.

Age:  From child up to 36 kgs
  • 360 Rotation
  • ECE R44 standard
  • 1 hand adjustable headrest
  • Isofix+ support leg installation+ support leg installation
  • Extra comfort and cushion for newborns , Washable extra
  • 4 recline position
Dimensions: Product Weight: 14.2KG
Product External Dimensions (H x W x D | cm) 45x67x63