MEMORY 玩咀盒 (粉紅/藍色)

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MEMORY 玩咀盒設計為獨立盒子,可方便地掛在嬰兒車上的手柄或可用於將安撫奶嘴放入手提包中,亦可以同時將兩個奶嘴存放在不同的玩咀盒中,以便隨時取用。


 特點: 獨立玩咀盒可方便地掛在嬰兒車上的手柄或可用於將安撫奶嘴放入手提包中,亦可以同時將兩個奶嘴存放在不同的玩咀盒中,以便隨時取用,防止它掉到地上弄髒或丟失


Product Description

Suitable for hanging on a stroller, cot or bag: pacifiers always stay clean and ready for further use Keep the box clean, wash it in warm water using a detergent intended for children It is sometimes recommended to pour hot water over, do not boil or sterilize.

The pacifier case is not intended for playing Suitable for children from birth.

Made within the EU All products are BPA-free , clinically tested and manufactured by a Spanish pharmaceutical manufacturer.