NIGHT & DAY 拇指型矽膠玩咀 0-6M 夜光 (浣熊/小鹿/小熊/狐狸)

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西班牙 Suavinex 安撫奶嘴提供多種選擇,父母不但能挑選合適的奶嘴材質,更能選擇奶嘴的形狀,安撫奶嘴還備有多款不同圖案。Suavinex 安撫奶嘴獲得西班牙兒童牙科協會認可,功能性與時尚設計兼備,令安撫奶嘴也能成為時尚單品,是型格父母的好選擇!

SUAVINEX, Night & Day, Anatomic Silicone Pillow 0-6m

Available with Silicone nipple.

Illuminates in the dark.

Symmetrical shape, perfectly suited to the baby’s mouth.

Designed in collaboration with pediatric dentists for proper dental development

Affordable to sensitive baby’s skin
It has a handle for easy and stable grip.

Shield with curved shape for ultimate comfort.

Particularly friendly to the baby’s skin thanks to the large ventilation holes and the embossed inner surface.