CREATIVE CASES 臉部彩繪套裝 (5y+)

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使用臉部彩繪套裝來打造恐龍、超級英雄或蝴蝶的造型,非常適合化裝派對或體育賽事,用肥皂和水就可洗掉臉部彩繪,內含帶有12格不同顏色的調色板、黏貼、 2 支畫筆和 4 個海綿。

Use colourful face paints to create dinosaur, super hero or butterfly looks. Ideal for fancy dress parties or sports events. Face paints wash off with soap and water. Contents: palette with 12 colour face paint discs, adhesive stencils, 2 brushes and 4 sponges.