FIRST YEARS 手指玩偶布圖書 (0m+)

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GALT FIRST PUPPET BOOK 手指玩偶布圖書一盒包含5隻手指玩偶和 6 頁布圖書,色彩繽紛﹑帶笑臉的動物玩偶可以吸引寶寶跟隨您手指的活動,隨著寶寶的成長,可將玩偶放回布圖書的口袋裡,可跟寶寶介紹動物玩偶各自的家,可機洗,適合初生至2歲的幼兒

Set of 5 finger puppets and 6 page soft book with a pocket for each puppet. The smiley, colourful finger puppets will encourage baby to focus at varying distances as they follow the movements of your fingers. As baby develops, place the puppets in the pockets of the soft book and talk about the animals in their homes. Machine washable. Suitable for 0 month to 2 years