ClevaPure 喜馬拉雅鹽燈

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Ø3 種可調光/霧設置
Ø6 小時連續/12 小時間歇操作

屢獲殊榮的 ClevaPure™ 喜馬拉雅鹽燈和加濕器可用作溫暖舒適的夜燈、加濕器和香薰噴霧器。The award winning ClevaPure™ Himalayan Salt Lamp & Humidifier can be used as a warm comforting night light, a humidifier and an aromatherapy diffuser all in one.


有助舒緩孩子感冒和鼻塞 Helps relieve your little one’s symptoms of a cold and congestion


燈內含有喜馬拉雅鹽石,散發出“褪黑激素”的功效,有助於為寶寶創造一個平靜、安寧的睡眠環境。Genuine Himalayan salt crystals contained within the lamp cast a ‘melatonin-friendly’ glow, which helps to create a calm, restful sleep environment for your baby.


用噴霧加濕器可以減少空氣中的過敏原和其他刺激物。Humidifying the air with a cool mist reduces the presence of airborne allergens and irritants that can cause respiratory issues among babies and children.


鹽燈的加濕作用可以幫助緩解上呼吸道症狀、舒緩喉嚨痛并減低皮膚乾燥發癢。 這有助於您的孩子睡個好覺,並減少對藥瓶的依賴。When your baby is congested, the humidifying action of the ClevaPure Salt Lamp can naturally help to ease upper respiratory symptoms, soothe sore throats, and help dry itchy skin. This helps your child to sleep well and means less reliance on the medicine bottle.


只需在水中加入幾滴精油,即可將加濕器變成香薰噴霧器,幫助放鬆和促進睡眠。 非常適合安撫疲倦小孩。Convert your humidifier to an aromatherapy diffuser by simply adding a few drops of essential oils to the water to aid relaxation and promote sleep. Ideal for calming tired and fractious little ones.